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Types of Escort Services in Malaysia We Cater;

1. High-profile Individuals: VIPs, dignitaries, or celebrities may require escort services for personal security and protection during travel or public appearances.

2. Business Executives: Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or business professionals may utilize escort services for personal security during business trips, meetings, or events.

3. Event Organizers: Companies or organizations hosting large-scale events, conferences, or functions may hire escort services to ensure the safety and security of attendees, guests, or speakers.

4. Cash-in-Transit: Businesses dealing with cash transactions, such as banks, retail stores, or casinos, may need escort services to safeguard cash during transportation between locations.

5. Foreign Delegations: International visitors, diplomats, or foreign delegations visiting Malaysia for official purposes may require escort services to ensure their safety and security throughout their stay.

6. Private Individuals: Individuals seeking personal security or protection, such as for travel, special occasions, or personal reasons, may also engage escort services.

Overall, anyone who requires personal security, protection, or assistance with logistical arrangements in Malaysia may benefit from utilizing escort services.

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