Through our range of specialist services, we have all the tools necessary to protect your property and assets and to provide a safer environment for your staff. We know that our clients are aware of the importance of the security, stability and continuity of their businesses.

Whether it’s patrolling the perimeter of a factory or performing unannounced visits to isolated warehouse locations, our specially trained mobile supervisors give you peace of mind that your property is safeguarded ‘round the clock.

VISI L.A. Security Force highly visible, marked patrol vehicles offer a high level of deterrence for your property or facility in conjunction with static guarding resources to address all your security needs.

All our vehicles are equipped with state of the art two-way private VISI L.A. Security Force channel. Our Guards are also equipped with cell phones. VISI L.A. Security Force mobile units can instantly communicate with static guards, supervisors or 24 hour dispatch. VISI L.A. Security Force mobile supervisors can visit customer locations as often as required, anytime day or night.

We offer mobile services for the following (but not limited to) types of security requirements.

• Patrol and Alarm Response
• Surveillance
• Vacation Watch