Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a central call centre which links customer CCTV and alarm systems to safety, health and regulatory authorities.This centre delivers unprecedented integrated safety and security to clientele by linking surveillance, building management and alarm systems to central monitoring, trouble shooting and communication with the local police, hospitals, fire stations, town council headquarters and a special armed guard service. Communication is established through VISI L.A Systems Force wired and wireless backbone as well as through high-speed Internet.

How CMS (Central Monitoring System) work?

The system works on an alarm-trigger principle. The alarm signal is transmitted either via an active telephone line to the Central Monitoring Station or manually by pressing the emergency button. At the monitoring station the controller will ascertain the nature of emergency and recall the relevant information pertaining to the subscriber, depending on the need of the subscriber and the nature of emergency. The controller will initiate action which could be in terms of intimating the relevant authoroties such as police, ambulance service, fire department or dispatching a Response Team to the emergency site.